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All you need to write your first program on the VRS is a laptop and a browser! Don’t have stable internet? Download the local app

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Our hard working team is constantly churning new challenges and tutorials to make your experience better than ever!

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This season’s 2023-2024 CENTERSTAGE field has been released on the VRS platform since day one. Give it a spin!

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Sign up for our events to win grants for your team, REV Hubs, and more for your high scores in TeleOp and Autonomous modes!

Bring your Team’s innovation Along

Our latest of developments allows you to import your team’s robot into the VRS to try out autonomous programs, and more! Just click on the button below and follow the steps on how to import your custom robot and give it life! Robots you import are accessible to you only.

  • Import your CAD design into the VRS and define joints

  • All imported robots are only accessible to you

  • Use your robot to break records on the VRS

Load In Your Own Robot

Check this out.

Watch one of the high scoring autonomous programs done by a member of the VRS community! Can you beat this? Only one way to find out 😉: write your own program!